FGSE investment fund (FINV)

The Deanship of the Faculty of Geosciences and the Environment is promoting investment in research and teaching via its investment fund (FINV), in particular in the category VI (the Faculty’s priority projects). The latter evolve over time. Currently, Vaud Alps is among the Faculty’s priorities. With this in view, the Deanship is able to provide aid for the costs linked to Master or doctorate-level research in the RECHALP area for members of other UNIL Faculties, in social & human sciences or in natural sciences, for research work directly linked to this geographic area (with the exception of salary costs). Applications may be filed by any UNIL faculty and do not require a member of the FGSE to be involved in the project. Moreover, a letter was sent by the Dean in 2015 to the UNIL Deanships informing them of this.

The applications must be filed officially with the FGSE deanship using ad hoc documents by the professor in charge of the project (see links to the procedures and instructions below). The projects are then endorsed by the Research Commission and the Deanship finally decides, taking this endorsement into account, on the allocation of the sums on a case-by-case basis, according to the potential interest of each project. The applicants are then informed of the result of their application.

Procedures and instructions:  The documents required for an application are available from

Applications to be sent to: :

Deadline1 November and 1 May